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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Venturing Into The Unknown

By Sarita

I experienced a first last night. In that I went on a date with a divorced guy. With a kid. The kid didn't come on the date if that's what you are wondering. Just exists. And seems to be adored by his father. Despite my tendency to believe that the divorced deserve to be given just as much a chance as anyone else (there are some very legitimate reasons for it after all) and that the stigma that it sometimes carries is unfair, the whole thing makes me a little wary.

See, in my second hand experience with the matter, divorce has occurred with friends and some family due the infidelity (to spouse and/or faith), or the whole living a whole separate life and being a big fat liar. And it's all been on the male side that these things have occurred. Hence my hesitation. But can I just tell you that it was one of the best (possible the all time best) dates I have ever been on. I don't know why I was shocked that he actually acted like an adult but it was refreshing. The thing that really got me was when we were being seated in the corner of a crowded section on the restaurant. I began to sit down as he grabbed my arm and told me to hold on a sec. He then politely asked if it was at all possible to get the table across the room. Which we did. He apologized to me for being picky and explained that he wanted us to be able to talk and have a little privacy. Something about that small gesture was so impressive.

I don't know what will happen there, but at the very least, I realized something. That there are men out there. Apparently those that I have dated aren't so much of the "man" variety. Perhaps having had the responsibility of being a husband and father makes the difference. I don't know, but his whole demeanor was foreign to me. And appealing. The child thing does worry me as it complicates things and is not what I would ideally envision as the ideal situation, but I think I would be willing to give it a go for the right person. It was so refreshing to fall easily into conversation, and not feel like we had to strain to find things in common or understand each other. Comfortable.

He speaks very kindly of his ex-wife and only said that the divorce happened for good reasons. That's enough for me right now.

Anyone had any experience with this. Dating the divorced, or being divorced yourself and venturing back into the dating world?



at 3/09/2007 4:06 PM Blogger Mary said...

I say run with it, baby doll! A little "life" often tempers us and makes us more humble. In other words, more teachable. In other words, more real. In other words, better people. I want an update on the progress! Tell us more!

at 3/13/2007 6:07 AM Blogger Magson said...

Silly bloggie thing ate my comment. Weird.

Sum up becuz not typing it out again. . .

My ex was the unfaithful one in my marriage. In an odd way, she's the epitome of humanity -- capable of great good, capable of great evil. When she was good, our marriage was wonderful. When she was evil. .. it ended.

I won't claim I was perfect, but I tried my best to keep it together, and she chose not to. And so it ended.

I hope that all is well with you and that oyu keep us in the loop as time goes by.


at 6/16/2007 5:44 PM Blogger Tristi Pinkston said...

He sounds great -- I'd definitely say it's worth a shot. And as far as the child goes -- he deserves a fresh start too. You may or may not be the one to give it to him, but I think it stands some investigation.


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