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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Post Valentines Meanderings

By Sarita

I am maybe the luckiest girl in the world. Wasn't expecting anything for the V-day (which is pretty typical, and which I'm fine with). My dear father however was all sneaky like and had roses sent to my office for me. So sweet.

The thing is, unlike most single people I know, I don't hate the day. Yes, it is a reminder of all utterly single I might be, but in the meantime, I see it as an excuse to express sappy sentiments to those in my life that I do love. And I think its fun. Plus, since I was a little girl, my father has always done something for his daughters on Valentines. I have fond memories of waking up to a red balloon anchored down by a card and candy on a chair next to my bed. The card usually contained some witty and thoughtful verse composed by my father to his daughters. I cherish those memories.

Now, as an adult, and the token single child, Dad still makes a point to spoil me, his little Valentine, each year. So my sentiments towards the day are overwhelmingly positive.

What I don't like about the day: girls who seem to expect something extravagant from their significant other. What's up with that? No wonder most men seem to have a begrudging bitter taste in their mouth regarding these expectations. Keep it sweet and simple I say. The occasional pricey gesture probably would not be turned down, but its also not necessary. Or expected. Not about material things people. About the actual love.

When I spoke to my father later in the day to thank him for the flowers, he related his days experiences to me. My parents had celebrated the night before with a nice dinner and trip to the DI (this is their idea of a fun night) where they split up to look at their separate things. Upon meeting at the front, my father proudly displayed his drill he discovered, and mom, a bag full of different sized drill bits. True love I tell ya.

The next day, the day of St. Valentine himself, Dad cheerfully asked what he describes as the sharp, attractive assistant at work how her valentines was going. She responded nonchalantly, "oh I don't do Valentines Day". My father then related to me this insight "I've found that women that say that, or express disdain for the day really mean that they don't expect anything." (and here I thought we had men fooled) He proceeded to explain how he rushed over to the grocery store, bought her a little "friend valentine" and some candy, expressing what a good addition she was tot he office and delivered it to her desk. She responded with a big smile.

"Good job Dad" I said. His response was the following, "If I could only transport the wisdom I have attained over the years by living amongst all these women to a man half my age, he would be a force to be reckoned with." Indeed daddy. Indeed.



at 2/21/2007 7:02 AM Blogger Magson said...

Your dad sounds like a really great guy, all right.

My Valentine's Day was really nice. I didn't fee like I did nayhting extravagant, but I still did "a little more" than normal. It turned out wonderfully.

That said, I've never hated the day when I've not "had a Valentine" either.

at 2/24/2007 5:17 PM Blogger Susannah said...

Great post. I've always loved Valentine's Day because of the little things my father did, too.

Because of those memories I have always tried to do little things for people around me that day.


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