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Monday, February 13, 2006

If you'd be mine, I'd walk the line...

By Sarita

So I just realized that I start most posts with "So...". So I need to stop that.

So I tend to get a little obsessive about certain things (not like obsessive stalker, no worries, more like I like something and I kinda sorta overdo it). For instance, after seeing the Johnny Cash tribute "I Walk The Line" (in which Joaquin Phoenix was superb) I went and bought the Johnny Cash Gold Collection as well as Johnny's Gospel Collection and have been listening to these pretty much non-stop ever since. And can I just tell you? I heart Johnny Cash. Yes I do. And I save the gospel collection for Sunday listening. I find it inspirational. And could care less if my roommate thinks me strange for doing so.

Anyhow. There is something I suddenly love about his music. My father has always been a fan, but I never paid much attention to it. His music is raw, the subject matter real. Sometimes suprisingly simple, and so real. There is something about it that I love.

I have become particularly fond of the song "I Walk The Line." And I'm sad to say that I think it has everything to do with being alone (relationship-wise) yet again on Valentine's Day. Now before you think me whiny and self pity-ing, let me remind you that it is not so much pathetic as hopeful. I know this sounds sappy and annoyingly like the hopeful optimistic that I am. So hang with here.

I used to get occasionally weepy and pathetic over the matter, but no longer. I'm patient. No sense in getting myself worked up over something that obviously will not change overnight. I have something to do on Valentine's Day (granted it's either a service project, or valentine's party thrown by some delightful Cuban refugees, but I'm stoked all the same.) This year, there is clarity over the matter and like I said, hope for the future.

And at the risk of making you all gag, I will tell you what this has to do with Johnny Cash. The aspiration of someone that will someday walk the line for me and vice versa. I find it very easy to be true....Because you're mine, I walk the line. Or if you'd be mine, I'd walk the line?

You can stop rolling your eyes now.

Happy Valentine's Day!



at 2/13/2006 12:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw that movie over Thanksgiving because my dad offered to take me to a movie and I thought it'd be more to his taste than "Pride and Prejudice." I was expecting to like the music as much as I did. "Walk The Line" is my new favorite song. Joaquin did an amazing job... listening to him sing is like listening to dark chocolate. I don't think you're being sappy; I agree with you 100%


at 2/13/2006 2:21 PM Anonymous Lily T said...

I love Johnny Cash, too, mainly because Joaquin Phoenix did such a beautiful job playing him and it gave me a new perspective on him and his music. I'm sure true Cash fans hate me for it, but that's the nature of being introduced to something great after millions of others already love it. Call me fair-weather if need be, I'm fine with it.
I also love that you used the phrase "I heart Johnny Cash."

at 2/15/2006 11:52 AM Anonymous Mary said...

I'm a pre-"Walk The Line" Cash fan, but that doesn't make me better than anybody else. :)

Anyway, my all-time favorite Cash song is "Flesh and Blood." Go read the lyrics. Extremely cheesy, I guess, but I love them. "Mother Nature's quite a lady, but you're the one I need... Flesh and blood needs flesh and blood, and you're the one I need." Since I first heard "Flesh and Blood," I've also stumbled across Persian and Indian love poems that say almost exactly the same thing, in almost exactly the same structure. There are probably similar poems in almost every culture, which just goes to show that Johnny Cash was a poet for the ages who spoke for all humanity!


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