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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Heh...I think I'm getting the black lung, Pop...

By Sarita

The absolute worst part about being single.....drumroll pah-lease. Having noone there to take care of you while you are sick. To tell you that you're pushing yourself too hard, take a break, take the day off, get some sleep, take some vitamin C, drink this orange juice I freshly squeezed for you, or hot tea, or homemade chicken soup. Okay, in all reality, I can't remember anytime someone freshly squeezed orange juice for me while sick, let alone made homemade chicken soup. Still, my darling mother would tell me to take care of myself and show all kinds of sympathy and remind me when I needed to take care of myself. While I love that my little kitty is all tender and cuddly when I'm not feeling good, (I AM the crazy old cat lady training) she is not physically nor intellectually capable of placing the back of her hand against my cheek and feeling my glands and ask if I've been drinking enough water/getting enough sleep/etc. It's a small thing, but something I long for all the same. Problem being that to this day I need someone to validate my need to take a sick day. I actually call my mom to run the idea past her if noone else has told me to take the day off even if it's pretty obvious that I should. So, here I sit, at my desk, feeling slightly miserable, but sucking it up. Especially since I haven't worked a full day this week due to other car/health/hair butchering issues. So I am drinking tea, orange juice, water, took my multivitamin, and thinking REALLY positive thoughts. Send me good vibes.



at 2/01/2006 3:25 PM Blogger NFlanders said...

I think you should relax and watch Zoolander all day. Guaranteed cure.

at 2/01/2006 4:15 PM Blogger Sarita said...

Ooooo....don't tempt me, I just might. I am already considering skipping out on classes tonight. The funny thing is, if I didnt go to my classes, I would probably be trying to move my newly acquired furniture to various spots in the room until I exhausted myself, and wake in the morning feeling worse than I do now. Or I could just sleep for once. But what fun is that?

at 2/02/2006 8:39 AM Anonymous Robin said...

I'd skip the classes too -- but I'd watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, newly out on DVD. Did you know in the features there's a segment that teaches you how to dance like an Oompa Looma? Good fun.

at 2/02/2006 11:23 AM Blogger Sarita said...

Ooooo. Don't tempt me. Love Charlie. And I did skip classes (but happy to report that I made it through a full day of work) and did in fact rearrange my living room with extremely heavy furniture that left me oh so winded and put me to bed early. Which is a good thing.


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