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Friday, January 13, 2006

It's Alive!

By Sarita

It being, this blog, and alive being barely. So in a vain attempt to resuscitate the dead which is this blog, I present you with the following quandary.....Plea for assistance.....Anything. And if comments are minimal, I'm giving up. Because that's what I do when things get too hard.

Yes, so this coming Sunday, I have the extreme pleasure of speaking in my lovely singles ward. And I'm excited. And nervous. See I hate speaking in front of people. Doesn't come naturally to me. But I am also a masochist and like making myself do things that I do not like doing (we need not delve into the issues that make up Sarah's psyche at this point, unless you really really really want to.) Really.

And the topic is......none other than living temple covenants in our daily lives. Which I think is phenomenal, but a little bit intimidating. Good thing I have a temple president of a Grandfather to counsel with. He's simply amazing. Hard topic seeing that it's not entirely appropriate speaking of specific temple things over the pulpit, let alone on this humble blog. But Gramps helped out a little with the following:

Dearest gran-pa-pa advised that it is all about obedience. That the more obedient and faithful to those commitments, promises, and covenants we have made with the Lord, that the more we will be blessed, guided, and protected. It is in humbling ourselves to do so that the spirit can more effectively work with us.

He also spoke of the sacred nature of such covenants. Grandpa takes several groups of people to tour ruins in Central and South America as he is somewhat of an authority on such things, and always visits temples that may be in the region of these excursions. Once with a group of people who were not LDS, he stopped at a temple in Mexico and spoke to the busload, explaining briefly the purpose of the temple and inviting the group to present any questions they may have regarding the church. As is want to happen, some asked more specific questions about the temple and why everyone cannot go inside. (I love his answer) My grandfather responded to the woman asking by saying "You're Catholic, correct?" she responded "Yes, why?" "Well, I can spot your Catholic Padre from 100 yards. Why? Because of the habit that he wears as a symbol of the commitment and promises he has made as a member of the clergy. In the temple, we are able to make very sacred and personal promises, and commitments with our Lord and Savior. They are very personal in nature and so it is not something we openly broadcast. Rather than exterior symbols, we use more interior symbols and reminders of what is personal between the Lord and ourselves." He said that the group seemed satisfied with the response and left understanding that the temples are not some secret combination, but a sacred house of the Lord. A concept that they could relate to on a new level. Grandpa is so wise.

In addition, my father and I spoke of how our covenants are decisions made before hand. Instead of waiting until the heat of temptation to decide what we may or may not do, we have already done so and have special promises and the spirit to support us in what might be a more difficult situation.

Anyhow, those are a few random thoughts, but I leave to you, my semi-devoted readers, to offer any further insight (without going to inappropriate measures, am I just asking for trouble here?) as to the importance, impact, and method of living these covenants in our daily lives.



at 1/13/2006 8:12 PM Blogger Steven B said...

Well, you could mention that there is a dynamic aspect of covenants that is somewhat mystical in nature (mormons hate the word mystical, so you wouldn't want to let it escape your lips at the pulpit). The best way to describe this is to relate it to the baptismal covenant. We make such-and-such promises. God forgives us of our sins and makes additional promises. We allow Him to immerse us in water as an outward manifestation of our covenant intent and realization.

The second part of the baptismal ordinance is the Confirmation. There God provides His outward manifestation of the covenant by sending the Holy Spirit as a confirmation that he fully intends to keep his covenant promises.

As we live our lives in accordance with the covenant terms, God continues to confirm to our hearts and souls that he will do what he has promised, and this is realized by the companionship of the Spirit in our lives.

The covenant relationship with God becomes dynamic and personal. The temple covenants work the same way as baptism.

Since you are attending a singles ward it might be worth pointing members minds forward to future temple marriage, which also constitute a covenant--between the couple and between God, who promises to raise them up at the last day in exaltation and glory. When the Spirit blesses your marriage, you have the warm comforting assurance that you are keeping the covenant and are walking the pathway to glory and happiness.

at 1/15/2006 12:07 AM Blogger fMhLisa said...

Well in the interest of preserving ministering angles from an untimely demise, I will offer a comment. But just be warned that I almost never have anything deep or important to say.

So hum. Well, I do like the idea of covenants being dynamic. They will not mean the same thing today as they will in twenty years, because as we learn and grow, the words, and what they mean to us will change.

See, not helpful. But I tried.

at 1/17/2006 11:07 AM Blogger Sarita said...

Thanks for the advice and thanks for caring! The talk went as well as could be expected. My voice wasnt even shaking beyond recognition as has happened in the past. Learned lots about the temple. And it's done.

at 1/17/2006 4:40 PM Blogger Dirk said...

Care to share the final result with us?

at 1/17/2006 6:34 PM Blogger Sarita said...

Will do, maybe tomorrow. It's saved on a different computer. It's nothing amazing. Just a lot of really good quotes.

at 1/18/2006 12:05 PM Anonymous Robin said...

Cnogratulations on getting through it. I'm sure it was great!


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