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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Back by not so popular demand....

By Sarita

So, it looks like we've had a little truancy problem here. Happens. Don't blame me. And do you expect me to maintain all by my lonesome? I have a life (sort of...Depends on weather or not my 9-5 work schedule and evenings centered around running and TV programs such as Lost would be considered a life). So really, I have nothing particularly intriguing to share, and hereby claim myself innocent of any boredom that is ensued by the following content of this post.

Okay. I work with a lot of Spanish speaking patients. That's all I'm saying. Because apparently there should some measure of discretion in regards to revealing information about your personal life. I don't fully understand this idea as I really have nothing to hide, but for the sake of assuming that I am a normal functioning adult in the real world.....I work with a lot of Spanish speaking patients. Pregnant ones. Okay. That's all I'm saying.

The other day, the 2 year old daughter of one of these Spanish speaking patients points to a picture on my office wall of my nieces and asks if they are my babies. (Okay imagine her as being incredibly cute and saying this all in Spanish...Makes it much more interesting.) I reply no, she continues:

cute little Hispanic girl: "Tienes bebes" you have babies?
me: "No"
cute little hispanic girl: "Por que?"....why?
me: "Porque necessito esposo primero".....because I need a husband first.
cute little hispanic girl: "Por que"....why?
me: "Porque"....because.

Okay so maybe you had to be there.

So also at work, there is this cafeteria (that's all the information I'm disclosing, I swear.) And there is this Argentinean chef there. I happened to recognize his accent one day and talked to him about his homeland.....which has induced conversations like this:

Argentinean: "Que quieres hoy?".....what would you like today?
me: "Quiero el...salmon? y como se dice...carrots? Zanaorias?" .....salmon and carrots (in short)
Argentinean: "di lo asi...zan-a-or-ias.".....say it like this zan-a-or-ias.
me: "Zan-a-or-ias"
Argentinean: "Suena como...suena sexy".....sounds

So how exactly am I supposed to respond to that, (with others waiting in line behind me) besides turning unavoidably red and muttering "gracias" and running away.

My co-worker made the observation that "Tisk, the old guys always be flirtin with Sarah."

The thing is it's true. There's this stipulation that one must be 35+, possibly married, and usually a tad bit creepy in order to flirt with Sarah. The upside being that she occasionally gets free drinks at various seedy restaurant establishments...and nearly always at hole-in-the-wall Mexican ones. But that's the Spanish I be speaking to them. I guess one might say that I be workin' it. Is that a bad thing to take advantage of? C'mon. A girls got to get attention where she can find it.

*some incidents and commentary in the above post may be slightly exaggerated in the interest of....well....interest.

*the author of this post promises to post again with possibly more interesting material. But no promises will be made at this juncture.



at 10/07/2005 9:02 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I've missed you guys!

at 10/07/2005 11:39 AM Blogger Sarita said...

Thanks. Missed you to. Anonymous stranger. We'll try to keep things up.

at 10/07/2005 12:00 PM Blogger Andrea said...

Glad you're back! My RSS feed was getting bored ;) I loved your story of the little girl. My best friend's a health worker in South-Central L.A.--she'd love it.

I just got a pep talk this morning by a friend who thinks I should be less complacent, and get out there and flirt up a storm. Does receiving unsolicited email from Linkup count? I pretty much work, read, talk on the phone with friends from other states, and sleep. It's amazing how agreeable not having a life can be. (sigh)

at 10/09/2005 12:39 AM Anonymous REW said...

Yay! I was afraid this blog had gone extinct. Not that I wouldn't want you to make yourself somewhat irrelevant to this blog (ala other posters ;) ), but it's nice to see that you're back, anyway. Thanks!

at 10/12/2005 2:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just thinking that there aren't very many of you posting on this blog anymore. Do you think you might expand your roster of regulars? Is ther ea place one could send a resume? So to speak?

at 10/12/2005 4:11 PM Blogger Sarita said...

Sure, just write us at Not everyone all at once now.


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