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"They neither marry nor are given in marriage; but are appointed angels in heaven, which angels are ministering servants, to minister for those what are worthy of a far more, and an exceeding, and an eternal weight of glory."

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

mama said there'd be days like this

By Lily T

It's been quite a while since my last post, a fact I regret a bit, given that the last 10 months of my life have been kind of exciting: I moved across the country, started a new job, acclimated to humidity AND a new singles ward, and made it into a choir that performs at one of the world's most respected concert halls. All while maintaining a healthy and happy long-distance relationship. And without my knowing it, my last post, "point system," told the story of its beginning.

It's kind of funny to think about it now because I wouldn't have believed a year ago, if someone had told me, that we'd be where we are today. Not only because we both now live somewhere we weren't living then (thankfully now in the same different place), but because the perfect fit of our combination was so surprising.

I had always believed my mom when she told me I should find someone who was my best friend. I knew that logic made sense, I saw it in my parents' relationship, but it always made me a little bit cranky when she said it like it was just simple as that. 'Cause I had tried. And tried. And tried. And it never worked.

But then I started hoping that despite my botched attempts, somehow "it" would all work out. I didn't know what "it" was, how I would recognize "it" or how I'd get myself ready for "it," but I began hoping. And I began asking the Lord to help me really seek it, which I'd never really done before.

And I began to believe He really did know how to make me the happiest. It was a tough concept for me to grasp, it really was. So simple in its direct promise, but it seemed impossible to apply it. Be He told me He did, so I knew it was time to believe Him.

And then, somehow, it did work out. He did know (probably still does) what would make me happy and He opened my eyes so I could see it, right there in front of me. It wasn't what I expected, but it is what I needed. And it's really nice. And we're planning on it being nice for a really long time to come.

Turns out, my mom knew what she was talking about.



at 1/24/2007 11:21 AM Blogger Sarita said...

Lily, so glad to hear that you are alive and kicking. I was starting to think that I was the only single girl left in the world, and given your current news, it looks like I just might be!

Congrats on finding your best friend. Moms give good advice, but I kinda hate it when it turns out they were right. I've always felt that friendship should come first, my problem, finding men to be friends with, but thats a whole nother post.

Welcome back, and keep us posted! No pun intended.

at 1/26/2007 6:03 AM Blogger Magson said...

Congrats Lily. Good to hear that you're happy.


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